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What Stocks are Included? includes pre-selected stocks from NSE/BSE Stock Markets and the major US markets AMEX, NASDAQ, NYSE and Australian ASX200 which altogether covers in excess of 5000 equities. We do not include Stock Markets outside of the India (NSE/BSE), US (Nasdaq/NYSE) and Australian Stock Market at this time. We also publish our analysis for Major currency pairs and commodities.

Are there any guarantees that will make me money?

No, like all trading systems there is no guarantee of success trading global stock markets and accepts no liability for any losses you may incure from using our technology, our past success is no guarantee of future performance.

Are there any penalties for cancellation of my subscription to

There are no penalties for cancellation of you subscription to, but no refunds for early termination of discounted upfront payments will be made.

Does recommend any particular Brokers?

ArthSutra recommends IndiaInfoline, ShareKhan and RelianceMoney. This is goodwill recommendation and we do not have any marketing ties with them.

Can I have a joint or shared subscription?

Stock Market Trading Tips Subscriptions are on a sole individual only basis, any users found sharing our products will have their subscription terminated without notice.

When are the Signals Updated?

There are millions of calculations which have to be performed after the market closes each day to prepare the signals for the following day. Under normal circumstances the signals are dispatched to subscribers between 6-8 hours after the market closes.

Will I get recommendation daily?

No, we are in business of trading not compulsive stock market gambling. We only give recommendations when there is high probability of market moving in projected direction. According to past statistics we provide 4-8 recommendation/analysis sheets per month each covering 5-10 stocks.

Do. You give Free Trial?

Yes , We do give generous 4 week free trial for all markets.

What are your Charges?

We have wide variety of flexi packages click on membership for details

What are the modes of Payments?

We accept only credit card payment.

What is the procedure to subscribe?

Once we receive your payment through our e-commerce partner we start you membership instantaneously. After subscription it may take up to a week to get your first recommendation newsletter as we wait for market to come to use not us chasing the market!!

Do You give Intra - Day Calls?

No we do not give Intraday calls, we only provide EOD service for swing and position trading.

What is your success ratio?

Our recommendations in past have success rate from 80 to 90%.

Do You Provide SMS Service?

No, we do not provide SMS service as we do not give intra-day calls. We want our subscribers to enjoy their day and in morning arround 9.45 spend 10 minutes to read our analysis and enter trade for current day with their broker terminal.

Can we deposit Cash?

No, We only accept credit cards as it is easy for us to keep track of subscriptions and peace of mind for client and there is no danger of subscription expiration.

Can we ask recommendations on Phone?

We do not give recommendations on phone. We do ask subscribers phone numbers as if in case of extreme market condition we may send a alert.

What kind of calls do you give?

We give calls of cash and futures. We trade both Long and Short side of market.

Do you suggest when to book Profits Or Exit?

Profits should be booked as per your judgment, However Targets are given. Also, you should exit as per your judgment. However, Stop Loss has to be strictly followed.

When will my membership subscription begin?

You can begin to use your membership immediately. Your subscription will begin on the first business day following the date of your order, and re-billing will occur on a regular cycle thereafter, depending on the subscription period you have chosen.

I signed up a few days ago but I haven't heard anything back from What happened?

Please add to your allow or White list of your email client. We have found this is the reason 99% of times in past when subscriber complaint for not receiving email from us. When you subscribe you should receive confirmation email instantaneously. If you do not receive e-mail with in 24 hours please use contact-us to let us know.

What will appear on my credit card?

Your credit card transaction will appear as Please make a note of this for your records to avoid any billing confusion.

Are you able to give me investment advice?

No, we are not an investment advisory service. We are only permitted to answer questions that are specific to our subscription service.

Could you also give me the average and maximum number of historical positions held at one time? analysis repot recommend on average 20-30 stocks per month of which our subscribers generally choose 7-15 scripts depending account size and risk appetite.

Do your trades allow for slippage in calculating results?

Our trade tables generally reflect the limit price for the buy and sell price set forth in the alert ... many times the actual fill price is better than the limit price of the alert ... in some cases we will reflect those instances when we believe that it best represents the price the trade should have been entered by members acting timely.

Do you set an exit price at the time the buy alert is issued?

Yes, we give exact entry, exit and stop loss points at time of analysis. Our clients need not to worry about exit once they enter the position.

What time of day do you send the alerts?

All buy and sell alerts are sent out before market opens hours 9.45 AM IST for Indian market and 9 am PST for US markets.

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